I have no formal training is psychology, and I have done very little reading on my own, aside from a few books aimed at a wide public. I particularly enjoy the writing of Steven Pinker.

Having said that, I find the human mind fascinating. Introspection is interesting of course, but I also have had many opportunities to study the behavior of university students at all levels, and of course of friends and colleagues as well.

Psychology of Learning

In this essay, we attempt to explain why so many people have such strong resistance to learning new things, despite the fact that the investment may be a very good one in terms of increased productivity.

Cost-effectiveness of Learning

We examine some observations related to how humans seem to underestimate the cost-effectiveness of learning simple things.

Continuous improvement

We give some examples of how Kaizen can be used by individuals in order to become more and more productive in daily activities.

Shared misery

We examine an interesting physiological phenomenon that makes people recommend whatever they use themselves, despite knowing that it is not the best thing.