Computers, Computer Science, and Software

Common Lisp

Here, we give a number of resources related to the Common Lisp programming language, including Web resources, software, projects being worked on, suggested programming projects, and more.

Computer Architecture Tutorial

This online tutorial starts with primitive logic gates and gradually builds more and more complex circuits, for combinatorial logic, sequential logic, and memories. This is all put together into a working computer, complete with buses, ALU, registers, etc.

Software engineering

The pages on software engineering are embryonic at this point, but we fully intend to add to the contents regularly, with the ultimate goal of a significant resource on software engineering, perhaps also in the form of a book.

Modular C

I wrote this document in 1994 when people (especially in industry) were still using the programming language C to write end-user application software. These days, that situation is fortunately much less common. But for those who find themselves in that situation today, this document provides some tips on how to make life easier.